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Flow Meter

VACOMASS ® Flow Meter



Measuring principle Gas flow measurement based on thermal dispersion technology without additional temperature and pressure compensation
Measured parameter - Gas mass flow [kg/h]
- Standard volumetric flow [Nm³/h]
- Standard flow velocity [Nm/s]
Signal processing Microprocessor based, fully digital signal processing
Measuring mode Constant current or constant temperature principle Note:
The measuring mode will be selected by our qualified technicians de-pending on the application requirements during
calibration of the flow meter and may not be changed by the operator.
Calibration Various calibration types VACOMASS® calibration available, depending on installation situation, incl. temperature compensation
Protection class IP68
Explosion proof versions Depends on type of flow meter, ATEX (option only)
Ambient temperature from -40°C to +80°C
Power supply 18-36 VDC (power supply via standard supply units possible)
Power consumption Max. 1.1 Watt
Reproducibility electronics: 0.125% of reading
Measuring accuracy Up to 1% of reading + 0.1% of full scale
(depends on straight inlet/ outlet piping, installation details, calibration)
Measuring range
(1.013 mbar, 0°C)
0.46 - 46 Nm/s (Standard), 0.08 – 400 Nm/s (Option)
N… Standard conditions according to DIN 1343
Turn-down-ration 10:1 to 100 : 1
Display and Operation
- 10 digits, alphanumerical LED-display for field indication of actual flow rate and total flow, integrated totalizer,
easy programming of the flow meter with a magnetic pin, simple and logical menu for transmitter set-up for VACOMASS®
flow meter SS and VACOMASS® flow meter AL (not available on type DIN AL)
- Monitoring on a remote graphic display, mounted in a field cabinet VACOMASS® electronic (remote-version - electronics
in a separate housing) or directly onto DIN-rails
- Monitoring on a graphic display of the VACOMASS® flexcontrol
Signal output
- 1 x analog output: 4-20 mA, active load < 400 Ohm, 10 Bit resolution
- 1 x impulse output: field selectable, max. 2 impulse/s
- optional : for remote-versions of VACOMASS® electronic and flexcontrol: Modbus, Profibus DP, HART
Choice of sensors
- Sensor geometry : 2 Pin , stainless-steel-ceramic sensor without welded, soldered or pressed-in parts
- Process temperature : 130°C (max. 220°C as an option)
- Operating pressure : max. 10 bar
- Diameter of sensor rod : 12 mm (standard), 18 mm (option)
- Type of flow element : Insertion flow element, directly mounted onto a welded sleeve, ½” and ¾” respectively (when using
the hot tapping unit, ½” and 1” respectively)
- Hot tapping : unit manually actuated with ball valve for flexible insertion depth VACOMASS® hot tapping unit OEIN-S, as
an option, unit with fixed insertion depth and secured sensor orientation VACOMASS® hot tapping unit OEIN-F, as an
option with protection guard
- Process connections : Compression fitting or flange (if hot tapping unit OEIN-F shall be used)
- Materials : 1.4571 (standard)
- Certificates : 3.1B material certificate (optional)

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